Focus RS Abandoned Road Photoshoot

Focus RS Abandoned Road Photoshoot

We went out to our favorite spot for a Focus RS Abandoned Road Photoshoot to showcase the gorgeous Nitrous Blue paint against the Arizona desert.


The Ford Mustang Mach-E Suffers From An Identity Crisis

When was the last time something was this polarizing for Ford? Oh that’s right, when they originally announced the Mach-E as the Mach 1.

2020 Ford Shelby GT350 Exhaust Fly By

2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Exhaust Fly By

During the GT500 Track Tour, we captured a wicked clip of a 2020 Ford Shelby GT350 Exhaust Fly By at full tilt!


Ford Performance Shelby GT500 Track Tour Pictures

Browse our gallery of GT500 Track Tour Pictures to relive the action during the October 27th, 2019 event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


GT350 Engine Failure: By The Numbers

We sought out every catastrophic GT350 engine failure instance we could find on the internet to finally put this infamous criticism to rest.


GT350 South Mountain Photoshoot

We head out for a GT350 South Mountain Photoshoot on Gila River Lookout.


GT350 Color And Stripes Options

A comprehensive visual guide for all GT350 color and stripe options available for 2015 through 2020 GT350s.


GT350 Downtown Phoenix Photoshoot

Check out this stunning GT350 Downtown Phoenix Photoshoot featuring our 2017 Grabber Blue